Carol-BeggyCarol Beggy has a big Rolodex (remember those?) and is not afraid to use it. She loves books and other Old World pursuits but lives totally in the modern world where you carry a thousand books on your e-reader. A former reporter and editor at the Boston Globe, Carol is currently working with Bill Brett on his book “Boston: Irish” due out in Fall 2014. It is their fifth collaboration. She likes pina coladas, dancing in the rain and talking to people on elevators about what they are reading.

Emily RooneyEmily Rooney is an enthusiastic lover of vintage cars and boats – particularly the ones that go fast. It’s an area her nightly television program, “Greater Boston” on WGBH, doesn’t cover too often, so weekends you might find her at Larz Anderson Park’s “Cars and Coffee” or up at the family lake home in the Adirondacks. She also describes herself as a “shopper” – one who’s aware of what’s kinky, kooky, or just plain cool. She’s also current on the restaurant scene and makes the rounds on the charity circuit. You can catch Emily Rooney Monday-Friday at 7pm on Channel 2 or tune in for her infamous “Emily’s List” Fridays at 1:00 on 89.7 WGBH-FM.

A regular on the invite lists of fashion events in Boston, New York, Miami and, well, any place that sells Lanvin and accepts American Express, Tonya Mezrich has become a prominent voice on the fashion scene. She also loves to knit, bake and sew and has gained a reputation in certain Boston quarters as the “Asian Martha Stewart.” She’s not a 1950’s housewife, but don’t let her taste your seven-layer bar recipe – because Tonya will be at home that night reverse-engineering your grandma’s “secret” recipe! When she’s not busy baking cookies for her two kids (both under 5) or playing “mom” to a (sometimes gassy) pug named Bugsy, Tonya is hard at work running her clothing line mike&ton, with Michael DePaulo. She is slightly addicted to (some say more liked obsessed with) Instagram and Twitter. Tonya was part of the debut of styleboston as a 30-minute TV show and was the inaugural host of its Fashion Forward segment. She later landed a role at NECN’s “The Morning Show” in her own segment titled “Tagged By Tonya.” In addition to, Tonya maintains her own blog at Because of her time on TV and her active social media presence, people regularly come to Tonya for fashion advice. And she’s not too proud to take advice from others, particularly her kids, who she lets select her outfits.

Tonya has also joined the hip new tech start-up company as the Brand Ambassador. Tonya will be advising the CEO on strategic matters and will spearhead the Maven Campaign.

Connect with Tonya on Twitter and Instagram


Kennedy-ElseyKennedy is a smarty pants. Every morning she shows off her knowledge of all things pop culture during “Can’t Beat Kennedy,” everyone’s favorite part of the “Karson and Kennedy” show on Mix 104.1.  When she’s not on air she’s hanging out at the L Street Tavern, sneaking her dog Elvis onto M Street Beach for a game of catch, or checking out the incredible music scene in Boston.  Newly single, she’s dived into the world of online dating and has determined she is very bad at it, but knows it’s funny to watch.  She loves a good adventure, fears nothing but tinfoil, and wants to try everything once.  And the fun stuff twice.  “And I’m serious about the tin foil,” she says.

Christy CashmanChristy Cashman is a renowned chicken farmer and a vitamin taker. She won the corn-hole championship at her family reunion in 2011 and 2012 (women’s division).

Her undiagnosed personality disorders are important to her and a delight to her family and close friends. She prefers motor boats to sail boats because they’re more fun. She can often be found motor boating in sail boats.

A failed smoker, she ruminates and germinates story ideas, but rarely incubates unless it’s chicken eggs. Although fame continues to elude her, she wears dark sunglasses and a hat just in case.

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Allie HydeWhat looks like a scattered mess, is actually fashion brilliance waiting to happen. The lights are on but the candles are lit and the pins, needles and fabric are strewn across the floor – one could mistake Ms. Hyde for a voodoo queen at the sight of her beautiful disaster.  Unfortunately she’s not spiritually inclined to cast spells over you, but her clothes can. Slip into one of her designs and you can feel the originality, creativity and thought put into her designs.  This girls on a mission, a Massachusetts native that always finds her way back home, she is out to prove Boston isn’t just made up of college hipsters and financial yuppies. Check out Allie’s work here on her official website.

Jeff LahensJeff Lahens is a GQ Insider and an award-winning fashion entrepreneur. He is creator of the social engagement platform DressCode Boston to promote men’s fashion in Boston and to celebrate individuality in men’s lifestyle. “Forget what you’ve heard, style is not a label or a price tag. Style is personal!” says Jeff. He is a regular content producer for local media including BostInno, Improper Boston, Chronicle 5, The Rhode Show on Fox12 RI, and more. He is accredited with BostInno’s 50 on Fire (2013) in Retail & Dining, STUFF Magazine Boston’s Sexiest (2012), Boston Magazine Best of Boston (2011) in Designer-Men’s, Fashion Boston Magazine Top 100 Bostonians Who Rock the City (2010), and Boston Globe 25 Most Stylish Bostonians (2008). He has built a thriving consumer following as a relentless contributing member of Boston’s fashion community.

Follow @DressCodeBoston on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



Harry Koffman

Take a look into his workshop and think hoarder. Door knobs, broken windows, dressers missing drawers, table tops, pieces of old wood that clearly belong in the trash. Or do they? Because dumpster diving is the original source of all that makes up this heaping mess. Now take a look into the next room; pieces reminiscent of West Elm, Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware. You guessed it, they’re not actually from those stores – they’re from the trash. Harry Koffman has an eye for what others consider to be trash; he sees the potential where others don’t. He’s designed rooms using 100% recycled furniture and accessories, turning bland, boring spaces into works of art that range from historic, to modern to chic. Why does he do it? There’s enough trash in the world today as it is, Harry is a firm believer in recycling and sustainability. His work can be summed up in three words: revamp. restore. re-love.

You can check out his work here at or by searching #handymo via Instagram.

Jason MargacaJason Margaca has been in professional media production for more than 12 years. Getting his start in music and audio production, he quickly found that his passion for sound wasn’t the only thing he had his eye on. Getting behind the camera he found as exhilarating as putting in a 12-hour studio session.

Jason has composed music and done audio work for video games, film, commercials, promotional videos, and artists in an around Boston and New York City. In his years of being in video production, he has also worked with multiple companies and organizations and has filmed commercials, narratives, short films, television, music videos, corporate videos, and promotional videos.

His passion for all things creative is his driving force and he holds this in extremely high regard. Now involved with the Boston/New York City based V-Neck Media. He loves getting in from the ground floor of any project and working on the creative ideas, storytelling, and planning that truly brings every project to life.

Jen Royle is an Emmy Award winning sports reporter currently hosting “Talk of the Town” video series for The Boston Herald. In addition to sports and food, her life revolves around her bulldog Truman, named after Truman Capote. His bum stinks, but his face certainly doesn’t. He’s the boss. She’s covered the New York Yankees, The Baltimore Orioles and Ravens for MASN and CBS Radio, and was the first female sports radio host in Boston in the summer of 2013 for WEEI.

She recently wrote her first cookbook, Bullied Into Cooking, to help support the anti-bulling campaign in the Boston Public School systems. When it comes to writing and reporting, if you appreciate honesty, this is the column for you. Jen is raw, she holds nothing back, and tells things exactly how she sees them. If your food stinks, she’ll let you know… and all of us.

Ben IllisUK native Ben Illis is a freelance writer and photographer, specializing in travel, food & drink, style and wildlife, whose work has appeared in The Daily Telegraph, Elle Magazine, The Independent, Wild Travel Magazine and online and, among others. He has also written, photographed and contributed to several guidebooks for Time Out, Hg2, Explorer & Frommers. Although happy writing about high thread count bed sheets and killer cocktails, Ben is at his happiest lost up a jungle somewhere, grappling (photographically) with some obscure piece of wildlife and dreaming of the inevitable high thread count bed sheets and killer cocktails that lie at the end of his trip. You can find out more about Ben on his website,


Kathy BenharrisKathy is a fashion event producer and stylist obsessed with skiing, surfing and activities that make her heart race. Her clients include individual brands and designers, international charities, retail stores, e-commerce ventures, and well known business entities. Kathy has developed, styled, and produced fashion events during New York Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, and  throughout each calendar year. Excellence in event production, complete client satisfaction, and bringing a fresh creative twist to her collaborations are always the goal. Kathy”sees runways” everywhere she goes and keeps her fashion adrenaline level high by developing opportunities to create magic in new arenas that had not previously utilized fashion as the business tool Kathy knows it to be. As leader of the over 1,000 member strong Boston Fashion Meetup, she is always looking for vehicles to support the next generation of fashion professionals and especially enjoys her work with Boston’s fashion colleges.


Kathleen Connor is a super-luxury retailer, a theater enthusiast (the accidental critic), an architectural commissioner, trend spotter and a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things fun and fabulous.  With an expert eye, she makes it’ About Time’  and curates a visit to the NYC you THINK you know – in 30 hours no less! Follow her NYC moments in ‘Two Days, One Night.’

SonigSonig is the type of person that will always listen to music, no matter what the situation is. Music is everything to her and without it she wouldn’t be able to come up with the bizarre thoughts roaming in her head.
Now working with Style Boston you can read all about her column “Sonig Underground”  on bands in the area, or just bands that you love and want to know more about. She will also inform you when those bands make their way into town.
Looking ahead in this industry, she’s also part of a small independent film company in Bridgewater, MA where she writes short films and edits material.
 She attended Connecticut School Of Broadcasting to get her the knowledge she needs to proceed in the music industry. Currently working for WROR at Greater Media Inc in Boston she has learned the many aspects of the music world. Also working for Radio 92.9 Alternative Station got her the chance to meet bands and talk about where they are in life and how things changed for them. Gaining information about bands while working for these stations has made her realize that her passion is music. Knowing all the ins and outs of the industry.
She loves going to concerts, traveling and more. Every year she travels to San Diego for Comic Con to gain more experience. With everything music she is the number one person people go to when they need advice on a new band/artist or simply just to try looking for a new genre of music. Her main goal is to be a Music Supervisor for TV shows in Hollywood.
Randi Danforth-bio picRandi Danforth, a Massachusetts Yankee via Cairo with a stop in Dixie now in LA, was a Senior Editor at Bon Appétit magazine for over twenty years. She lived in Cairo for nine years with her professor husband, where she honed her Yankee cheapskate bargaining skills in the Khan el-Khalili market, and rode Arabian horses around the pyramids when she wasn’t working in book acquisitions at the American University in Cairo Press.
With a front row seat to the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, she was interviewed by the New York Times about why she didn’t want to leave during the disruptions because of her Abyssinian cat, Stella. To avoid gaining an international reputation as a crazy cat lady, she went to Berlin that week anyway (and to get away from the 24/7 phone calls from her loving family and friends urging her to evacuate).
Following her Cairo chapter with a stop in North Carolina, she moved to Los Angeles where she is Publications Director at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. She is rediscovering the vibrant LA scene, building on her previous experiences living there in the 80s and 90s to find new trendsetting art and design, food, performances, music, and architecture.


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