SonigSonig is the type of person that will always listen to music, no matter what the situation is. Music is everything to her and without it she wouldn’t be able to come up with the bizarre thoughts roaming in her head.
Now working with Style Boston you can read all about her column “Sonig Underground”  on bands in the area, or just bands that you love and want to know more about. She will also inform you when those bands make their way into town.
Looking ahead in this industry, she’s also part of a small independent film company in Bridgewater, MA where she writes short films and edits material.
 She attended Connecticut School Of Broadcasting to get her the knowledge she needs to proceed in the music industry. Currently working for WROR at Greater Media Inc in Boston she has learned the many aspects of the music world. Also working for Radio 92.9 Alternative Station got her the chance to meet bands and talk about where they are in life and how things changed for them. Gaining information about bands while working for these stations has made her realize that her passion is music. Knowing all the ins and outs of the industry.
She loves going to concerts, traveling and more. Every year she travels to San Diego for Comic Con to gain more experience. With everything music she is the number one person people go to when they need advice on a new band/artist or simply just to try looking for a new genre of music. Her main goal is to be a Music Supervisor for TV shows in Hollywood.

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