Boston-Based Celebrity Hair Stylist and award-winning salon owner, Naz Kupelian provides tips on how to achieve some of the most notable hairstyles at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Scarlett Johansson
For this slightly messy up do wash the hair the night before . Make sure the hair is completely dry and do not iron or curl. The next day use a protective spray such as the RUSK Thermal Flat Iron Spray, divide the hair into sections and spray before curling each piece with a 1″ barrel curling iron. Tease the front part of the crown section using a bristle brush  while holding the hair section up brush down into the mid section of the strands. Sweep the hair up and back and hold in place with a clip or pin. Loosen the curls throughout and twist and bunch the curls on the back while pinning up. Once all the  hair is set and pinned in place spray using the RUSK Radical Extreme Hold hair spray.

Megan Fox
For this glamorous yet simple hairstyle, wash and shampoo the hair, prep the hair with a mousse such as the RUSK Plumping Mousse. Divide the hair into medium piece sections and curl with a 2″ inch barrel curling iron. Take out the curls and brush out the hair with a bristle brush to loosen the curls for finger waves. Swoop all the hair on to one side of the face, applying a light shining spray all over. To control fly aways  spray hairspray and lightly brush out the crown so that is it is flat and smooth before the waves. Creating smooth strands that flow into the waves.

Olivia Wilde
This is a great look for finer hair that is need of more texture. To create texture use a flexible styling cream such as the RUSK Wired and apply it to washed damp hair. Comb the product through the hair and apply a thickening spray such as Rusk’s “Thick It” to the roots.
Using a Vent Brush blow-dry the hair all the way through, making sure it is completely dry. The vent brush will allow for maximum texture and movement, as noticeable in the bangs.

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