As many of you know, I have love, of that Auden-for-Isherwood epic variety, for a Ms. Heather Camille White, our former Director of Digital Media,  and can say in all seriousness that this blog owes every ounce of its fresh-to-deathness to her. In the interest of not having a post-Extreme-Makeover-Home-Edition series of waterworks, let’s just say Im’ma miss her.

And while we could never replace her, I’m happy to report that I’m shakin’ things up here at styleboston blogs!. New fashion spreads (every month!),  and a diverse range of editorial features on art, design, food (and DRANK), music, and travel. In short, the kind of dynamic, honest content that has brought you to styleboston blogs! time after time.  It all begins again on March 1st.

Good things come to those who wait.

Joseph Gordon Cleveland
Executive Editor

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