Each season after the shows in NYC, the weeks that follow seem to begin in much the same way they end: attempting, though I know it is futile, to balance both my calendar and my checkbook, downing more cups of coffee than would be prudent to admit, perusing the recent collections, not because I don’t know them front to back and back to front, but as a point of procrastination, a temporary distraction from the ever-growing maelstrom of to-do lists that come, to continue the metaphor, in a wave, after we fashion folk finally settle from the ebullient hysteria of the shows back into the real season, the one at hand, not ahead.
And, in no small way, it’s precisely that variety of distraction that I’d like this blog to be for you, our faithful reader: an exciting, stylecentric source of escape.
To that end, this week we bring you an interview with Courtney Lewis, of the Discovery Ensemble, a look at one of our favorite Fall collections fresh from Paris, Lie Sang Bong, an up-close-and-personal interview with Mr. Gary Graham, who was in town recently for an event at one of our mainstays, Stel’s, more Market Reviews than you may know what to do with, and an insider’s look at Boston’s Restaurant Week.
In short, enough content to keep even the bullish midday blues at bay.

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