shorts-girlI hate to be the bearer of bad news as we head to the hot season, but most women do not look good in shorts. As I often say, why do you want two “” when one is plenty enough. Shorts accentuate the backside of women in a way they do not with men. So here are a few dos and don’ts on shorts.

Do: Wear neutral colors. If shorts are the only way to go for certain activities, go with blue, khaki or off-white.

Don’t: Go extreme with cut-off jeans as in the American Eagle design with the pockets drooping down in front and silly distress holes.

Lilly pDo: Consider your leg type. Lilly Pulitzer makes a nice Bermuda for someone with long thin thighs.

Don’t: Wear shorts with cuffs, they only accent the thigh.


Do: Wear a belt with shorts. Gives them a nice sophisticated look even over a T-shirt.

Don’t: wear anything gathered at the waist – no drawstrings even if the fabric is really lightweight.


Do: Consider a jeans skirt as an alternative. Nordstrom’s has a variety from a mini by Rag & Bone @ $225.00 to a Levi’s @ $68.00. They even have a cute Plus Size by JUNAROSE @ $79.00.

Rag and Bone jpgI gave up on shorts years ago – even wear jean skirts hiking and climbing. If you wear the proper undergarments, it’s no issue. Happy hunting.

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