I woke up this morning to the power of Adrienne Rich’s volume, The Dream of a Common Language.  Those who know me are acutely [read: agonizingly] aware of my unabashed love for Ms. Rich and her body of work, but it is in revisiting it, over and over again, that I find the true wealth of her verse. I will risk sounding both painfully pretentious and awfully hyperbolic (certainly never stopped me before) and just say it outright: invariably, I discover another revelation with each read, a richness (pun intended) to her lyrical incantations that both can and should be studied at length.

In my opinion, this variety of study is merely one element of the well-lived life. Art, history, music, travel, food, introspection, the thorough exploration of each, regardless of the direction such an endeavor may take, the beauty lies in the balance. The ability to inform one facet through a perspective unique to another.

What the hell does any of this have to do with a blog, particularly one whose content is stylecentric, you ask?

Everything, really. These spheres of interest are the foundation, without which style or fashion or design are but beautiful escapism masquerading under another name.  

In short: lust for Balenciaga, yes, but don’t forget about Bach. Or, if you prefer, Berlioz.

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