Re-openings mark a brighter day for Boston

There finally seems to be a break of sun over the dark and cloudy last few months of quarantine and shutdowns. Businesses throughout Boston are starting to open more frequently and even expand their avenues for summer. From the Back Bay to the North End doors are opening, tables are filling up with patrons and business is getting going.

The North End has reopened for business. Photo by Thomas Brennan

Boston feels like it’s had a resurgence while still managing to maintain the caution of social distancing. The boards lining the windows of Boston storefronts have all but entirely come down. There are still a few spots with boards covering glass, but those places are limited to only one to two spots per block instead of covering the whole street. The complete departure of the military police has certainly cut out a great deal of the tension for the Back Bay residents. No longer being under the eyes of armed men has restored a sense of safety that Boston has lacked for too long.

Various restaurants and retailers have been reopening or expanding back toward regular functionality. Exterior setups were the first setup to reopen for many restaurants. Hanover Street in the North End is booming as of right now. There are plenty of restaurants who’ve established patio setup. Carmelina’s, Artu, Bella Vista, are all booming with business Newbury street institutions like Stephanie’s patio business are thriving and it seems they’re opening up their interior as well. Serafina, Buttermilk & Bourbon, and Met bar are just a few of the restaurants expanding out to their patio. The opening patio setup of eating outside is in high demand for many after months of quarantine. The chance for customers to eat in the warm summer sun with fresh air is exactly what people have been holding out for.

Visitors keep their distance while shopping and dining in the North End.
Photo by Thomas Brennan

Wen’s Noodle shop had previously only been open in a patio function with more limited hours, but as of this week they are extending their hours and have reopened their interior shop for customers to sit and enjoy a delicious meal. These kinds of amenities are definitely needed. Eating outside can be more than refreshing after quarantine and social distancing, the heat can be extreme for some and air conditioning is a utility anyone can enjoy. 

Ben & Jerry’s on Newbury’s interior was still closed until Phase 3, but they are still selling ice cream out the front door through orders. They planned to have an exterior deck setup for customers soon, though some transportation issue for the patio equipment in storage has held it up from opening. Hopefully this can arrive soon, with the upcoming heat every denizen of Boston could use more space to lounge and enjoy classic Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 

A few restaurants are still going through some form of setup adjustment or reconstruction with the intent of reopening. Joe’s and Piantini’s are still undergoing some internal work and seem like it’ll take time to be back to full functionality. It certainly provides the chance to fix up these Boston establishments, if not even provide improvements. Boston mainstays like the Pour House are still closed up tight with little signs of reopening to previous functionality.

In the Back Bay, things are opening up and will open up further in Phase 3, when patrons can come inside eateries. Photo by Thomas Brennan

There’s still progress to be made before things are fully back to functional as before. As we go about everyone must remain vigilant in keeping to social distancing and wearing masks in public. Progress isn’t always a straight road, slips ups can happen if we’re all not working hard and remaining careful. There’s a lot of hope though and still plenty of beauty and pride to be found in Boston and its people.

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