Nick Wooster, inimitable Men’s Fashion Director for both Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, is coming to Boston this Thursday (details to follow tomorrow) for a presentation at Neiman Marcus Copley. I’m happy to say I have the opportunity to interview the gentleman before the presentation for a segment for StyleBoston. Could not be more excited.

The past week was a maelstrom, to say the least. In the midst of all this work (thrilling as it may be), I often forget to take the time to enjoy the community in which I work. To that end, last Thursday Brigid and I clawed our way out of the office and made it a point to attend Louis‘ (swoooooooooon) blogger fête, and then dashed off to the Ballet for the opening of Elo Experience.

Such an evening reminds me that there is a wealth of incredible, committed talent in this city: from Debi Greenberg and the always-endearing Maria Fei of Louis, who not only, obviously, know what they’re doing but also, of greater importance, are both passionate and precise in their vision, to the spellbinding chemistry of Boston Ballet’s most recent work. There is so much to be enjoyed here.

So get out and enjoy it.

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