The South End’s new NU Burger

Anoush’ella is a lovely Mediterranean restaurant that has warmed its corner of the South End for the last few years, but with the upheaval of the last year the business has built a secondary operation out of the original location called NU Burger.

“We did this so that the brand doesn’t disappear,” the manager told us. “We have all this food here for pickup and delivery.”

NU Burger “pop-up” in the South End. photo by Thomas Brennan

It’s a rarity to have a burger pickup option these days that doesn’t come from the stoves of a globe-covering fast-food chain, and NU Burger has found a way to be a deliciously refreshing treat to everyone whose partaken.

“Anoush’ella has been here a few years, but NU Burger started up just a few months ago,” the manager said. This “new” NU Burger is a “pop-up” eatery of sorts, sharing a kitchen with Anoush’ella on West Newton and Washington streets in the South End. An earlier incarnation of NU Burger is still operating in the Time Out Market Boston in the Fenway in what was Craigie Burger, which closed its doors because of the pandemic.

With many Boston businesses burrowing in or going into a few-month hibernation during the colder seasons, like Emory on Beacon Hill, there’s something highly praiseworthy in NU Burger taking the bold step of opening in such an anxiety-fraught time to still work to provide opportunities for workers and meals for Bostonians.

The parent restaurant Anoush’ella has been a great addition to the South End restaurant selection over the years, bringing top-tier selection of salads and sandwich wraps. NU Burger future seems promising, but you might want to swing by while you can. The staff of NU Burger and Anoush’ella are especially pristinely careful and considerate in all their cooking process, doing everything they can to assure the meal is as secure in sanitation as it is roaring with savor worthy taste.

All the ingredients are resourced within the New England region. From Salem pickles to Vermont cheese. The burger meat is cooked to perfection and collides wonderfully with its additions to pack as much flavor as possible into every bite.

The Fenway burger has NU sauce that is our signature spin for the burgers. It also has greens, a slice of tomato, aged cheddar, brown and red onion. We particularly liked the glorious wonder cooking, the egg burger, with shaved winter truffles. The zesty arugula cuts a little balance for the whole sandwich. Nothing falls short in this lunch/dinner setup.

photo by Thomas Brennan

It’s absolutely worth the visit, and the service provides for easy pickup and delivery. If you live in Boston, and especially the South End, NU Burger is certainly worth ordering from. One can only imagine how this business will bloom as winter wanes and vaccinations roll out further.

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