78th Annual Golden Globes: Celebrity Statement Pieces and Stunning Fashion

Although we are in a time where we may not be able to celebrate the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards, the hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (Tina was in the Rainbow Room in New York City and Amy was in the event’s traditional home, the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton, in Beverly Hills) had brought together both the audience and nominees on both the West and East coasts.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey sported understated black mini-dresses as hosts of this year’s Golden Globes. Photo via NBC

Sunday night’s award ceremony was the comic duo’s fourth time co-hosting and, like so much of the last year, forced the hosts and producers to make adjustments because of Covid-19. Instead of a free-ranging, anything goes ceremony (it is a hallmark of the event that someone will misspeak or misbehave because alcohol has been served during the festivities), we had a more subdued Golden Globes.

One thing stood out: the awards season is, understandably, different, but “Hollywood” loves a reason to dress up. Everyone, that is, except Jason Sudeikis, a winner for his star-turn in Apple TV’s Ted Lasso, who wore a tie-dyed hoodie that hyped his sister’s NYC dance studio. (Note: Sudeikis’ acceptance speech hit a pitch perfect note in these scary times.)

Being on either side of the United States, Fey and Poehler were very much in tune, on a split-screen thanks to a few tech slight-of-hand moves. At the very beginning, they started cracking jokes, often at the expense of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Golden Globes’ host organization which has come under media scrutiny recently for not having a single Black person among their membership and for what some have called questionable ethics standards.

Of course, there were some mishaps doing the split screen, but that’s expected when doing the Golden Globe via Zoom and split-screen, but the show went on and proved a good kick-off to the annual Hollywood awards season. The audience is typically filled with gown-wearing, black-tie clad, A-list celebrities, but last night, in both locations, they had the room filled with first-responders and essential workers.

To start off, Fey and Poehler both wore stunning black mini-dresses. Amy wore a sparkly Moschino, with golden buttons going down the center, while Tina’s Versace blazer dress was a more-muted matte black that left the flash to the lapels.  Both looked stunning side by side, and most definitely stayed in tune with their looks throughout the night.

It was a Golden Globes of “firsts,” with high expectations for the first hybrid-event and a few lows that mostly centered on technology glitches, something that everyone knows about given all the Zoom interruptions we all face for at-home work or home-schooling.   

Taking a look at the celebrities, most were broadcasting over Zoom in from their living room, or decamped to a hotel room for a more professional, aesthetic background to complement their designer dresses and tuxedos. But some, wore casual, laid-back, “typical,” “expected” if you will, outfits. Bob Odenkirk for example.

Bob Odenkirk was a bit too understated for Camryn’s taste. Photo courtesy of NBC

This was his fourth nomination for Better Call Saul and he was seated on a Hollywood style couch (white with silver studs), however you could tell it was his living room. He was wearing a black tux (opened) with a white collared shirt. He, of course, looked charming, but it’s 2021, we want extravagant.

Shira Haas
Chanel, rightly, bragged about Haas on its social media channels.

Shira Haas, had the coveted chance to be dressed by Chanel. Styled by the famous Petra Flannery, Haas wore a Chanel black “Fantasy” dress, which had a beautiful sheer skirt. Flannery – her stylist – paired the irresistible dress with a Lion necklace, which was said to have represented “strength.” Insiders told the audience that she had practiced sitting on Zoom for the past few days: “To wear Chanel, is like a dream of mine.” Israeli actress to be nominated.

Laverne Cox, stuns in red.

Laverne Cox, nominee for Promising Young Woman, left nothing to chance. She was spotted in the pre-show standing against a white marble wall, with white cabinets, with her back facing a long wall-length mirror that showed both the front and back of her stunning red dress. She is the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Golden Globe. Cox, known for embarrassing bold colors, wore a beautiful red lip to match the dress. The sleeves acted as a sort of “cape” that could cover her shoulders. She made a statement with both her braided updo and dress. She had stated at both the red carpet and the Golden Globes “pre-show,” that she had wanted to give a “little moment” instead of “wearing a blazer and sitting,” which she most certainly did.

Leslie Odom, Jr., and his wife, Nicolette.

Leslie Odom Jr., nominated for One Night in Miami, wore a lime-green turtleneck. He’d never been “to” the Golden Globes before and through Zoom was spotted wearing a stunning Valentino tan tux, with an open white tailored shirt with a lime-green turtleneck underneath. There was a Bulgari watch that many careful eyes spotted on his left arm. The TV audience couldn’t see the bottom half of his outfit, but numerous pictures show the different shades of brown with his pants, and shoes.

Kate Hudson stunned in her Louis Vuitton. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Kate Hudson, a nominee for best actress in a motion picture musical for Music, wore her hair down, off the shoulder v-cut black and silver dress designed that was a custom design by Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.  The mid-section of the dress is jeweled, with billowing, black silk-curtain, elbow-length sleeves. Hudson did not wear a necklace, opting for jeweled statement earrings by Bulgari that drooped down past her jaw line. She looked gorgeous, as always.

Jared Leto always make the commentators’ tongues wag.

Jared Leto, a nominee for best supporting actor in motion picture for The Little Things, wore wearing neutral colors, a tan tux shirt, with an orange toned flower on his left shoulder. His long hair was down, and the flower on his left shoulder, was a piece that undoubtedly brought the look together. “Just because we’re doing the #GoldenGlobes from home this year doesn’t mean I couldn’t get all dressed up for the camera,” the Oscar-winner wrote on Instagram.

Regina King got a huge positive response for her St. John gown, but it was her sleeping dog, Cornbread, who stole the show.

Regina King, nominee for best director motion picture for One Night in Miami, wore a beautiful St. John half-short sleeve, half-tank top, off the shoulder black hourglass dress. In the center it was beautifully filled in with silver rhinestones to give that illusion of an hourglass shape. It was a down to the floor ball gown. She paired the dress with silver dangle earrings.

Amanda Seyfried did not disappoint in her Oscar de la Renta gown. Photo courtesy of the designer

Amanda Seyfried, nominee for best supporting actress in a motion picture for Mank, stunned the world in her coral Oscar de la Renta statement gown.Her hair was in a beautiful side part, and was pushed past her shoulders. Her dress had hand-crafted silk taffeta flowers all around the ends of the shoulders (fully off the shoulder), which was and will be a trend in the fashion world, spring 2021. Seyfried stated that she was desperate for a fashion moment since Covid-19 had hit the world, and that is what she most certainly served. The bare back added a true touch of beauty to the dress.

Cynthia Erivo arrives to the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 28, 2021. Photo by: Todd Williamson/NBC

Last but certainly not least, Cynthia Erivo, stunned the audience, and left jaws dropped with her Valentino gown. The neon green, with the structured circular skirt, truly was among THE statements of the night. Other celebrities who had presented awards were either in Black or other dark toned dresses, while Cynthia did not follow the “norm,” and was by the most unique, most bright-colored gown.

The Golden Globes gave a glimpse of multiple trends for 2021 including: bare-shouldered dresses, bright neon colors, follower patterns, and chunky belts. Although it was held in a hybrid manner, the 2021 Golden Globes most certainly did not disappoint, and celebrity fashion designers and stylists truly brought their best to the table, on both coasts.

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