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- Bogner unveils its 2021-2022 Ski fashion line -

SOUTH BOSTON – The weather and calendar might say that it is (finally!) time to get outside, now that the state has lifted the last of the pandemic restrictions. While many are dreaming of dining in the Back Bay or hearing live music or catching a movie, the fashion world of skiing already has its eyes firmly set on the Fall/Winter seasons and have unveiled the highlights for the 2021/2022 lines.

Styleboston was given the opportunity to witness a beautiful, fashion-forward shoot, styled and produced by Kathy Benharris and Grace Goodearl of KB Fashion Productions. The digital fashion show was shot at B/Spoke’s Warehouse in South Boston and featured next season’s Bogner (Winter 21/22) looks from Gorsuch. With stores in glamorous Vail, Aspen, Beaver Creek, and Park City, and an amazing online shop, Gorsuch is the “go to” purveyor of technical high-end winter apparel for those in the know. The B/SPOKE Warehouse transformation had an ounce of magic on every wall. As seen in the behind- the-scenes video, each wall within the warehouse had a story to tell. With the models in the stunning Bogner pieces for next year’s ski season in front of those enchanting walls, something marvelous was bound to happen in front of the camera: a ski fashion dream come true. At every inch and every corner of the wall, there’s something colorful, something that tells a tale. The fashion and the mix of the street art portrayed on the walls of the warehouse, truly brought out each and every one of the looks from Bogner. 

What was being created at B/SPOKE Warehouse was a digital fashion show for six high-end ski fashion brands. Each brand received their own personal digital fashion show shot by Chris Capozzi (Urbn MVMT productions), and creatively directed, and styled by KB Fashion Productions. Beautiful floor coverings were donated by the Paramount Rug Company and stood in for a snowy runway.  The arrangement was simple: each brand made donations to the United States National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and in return would receive a recording of their own digital fashion show. What I saw was quite spectacular.

The shoot marked a reworking of the traditional fashion show process. Typically, brands send Benharris their next clothing line for either the following season or year. Usually, there will be pre-styled looks with the packages that are sent to Benharris, but she said that she loves putting together her own looks for the brand. So, this digital show was Benharris’ ski fashion dream come true, she said.

The models who were hired for this shoot were a blend of professional models and others who are avid skiers. Benharris, an accomplished skier in her own right, emphasized how important it was that the models must truly embrace the ski gear, and she felt they could only do so if they knew the exceptional feeling of skiing down a mountain, and feeling on top of the world. Or at least had the idea of just how unbelievable the feeling is to ski.

Benharris said that skiing gives her the same “rush” as producing a fashion show. This “assignment” provided her with a chance to cover familiar terrain. From what this reporter witnessed, she connected with all of the models personally, and made everyone who attended either cover the shoot, or help create outfits to feel comfortable and most certainly involved.

The Bogner apparel sent suited and fitted the models beautifully. The models embraced the fashion and truly made the pieces come to life. Bogner is releasing a variety of beiges, fluorescent colors, pastels, neons, and neutrals for their next launch for both the male and female lines. Pieces varied from white army ski pants to animal prints; and it is clear that these fashion statements are making a play here in both the ski suits, jackets, winter hats, and winter gloves.

What was particularly astonishing were the yellows, mattes, and neon oranges for the male ski fashion line. As seen in the video, there is a beautiful bright orange jacket that has orange tones to truly stand out on the mountain when skiing. Another bright fashion statement: a bright yellow jacket that offers a sense of statement, and an empowering feel for all males looking to be noticed on the mountain next winter.

For those fashions designed for women, there are white army print, bright pastels, neutrals, blacks, purples, and beautiful fur boots to look forward to for Bogner’s launch. As seen in the video, there are two unique ski suits that will come in both black, and purple. Within both colors there are stripes of neutrals such as beige, black, and white. This will be an important trend to pay attention to when it comes to ski fashion, considering just how aesthetic and spectacular the models made the pieces look.

A fitted belt around the waist line finishes-off these suits, while truly bring out a Bogners’ shopper’s body and creates a sexy and confident feel within their sport. But, that’s just one thing to look forward to. There’s plenty more to see when the launch date arrives.

One of the models had told me that on the mountains, and especially within “Massachusetts fashion” traditionally falls to the tried-and-true brands of Patagonia and North Face. All the outdoor brands that are considered “typical” and “basic.” However, with Bogner, expect the unexpected. Nothing is basic about any of the ski clothing and gear coming from Bogner’s line of 2021-2022.


By Hailey Bishop 

Fashion in the virtual realm has been nothing new during the last year and even as things open up, it appears that is here to stay. Our own Kathy Benharris worked with the US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame to prepare a virtual runway show of the best trends and designs for the season. The two-day filming took place at the B/Spoke Warehouse Studios in South Boston. The concept behind the show was a whimsical Winter wonderland walk-through for all involved in this inspirational experience. Sportswear styles have changed the styling sector of the world for the better. Today in 2021, sportswear can be seen in society as stylish outerwear, athleisure loungewear for a cozy night in, or used to establish a statement in the world. Among the apparel featured are both men and women’s wear, including:

Alps & Meters: Located in the mountains of Europe and designed in New England, Alps & Meters features simple, timeless activewear, luxury loungewear, and outerwear for promising performance wherever you are in the world. Alps & Meters mission is to provide customers with the best quality of activewear in the Swiss Alps.

Alps & Meters

160 Newbury St., Boston


HEAD Sportswear: HEAD Sportswear x The Lindsey Von Collection offers a variety of very fashionable finds in their activewear/performance wear styles. One very important brand is the HEAD Sportswear x Lindsey Von Collection. This collaboration features very like-minded legacies to show within the industry to their audience.

HEAD Sportswear


Skea: Designed to be both sporty and stylish for buyers who are looking within the snow sports industry. Skea promotes female empowerment and inclusivity in an industry where their brand is run by women, for women, who ski. This luxury brand began in Vail Colorado and has now spanned across the globe to destinations such as The Champs Elysees in Paris and 5th Avenue in New York. The signature saying “City Ski” was developed by founders Georges and Jocelyn Boyer for styles meant to be worn on the slopes and in the city.



Obermeyer: A company pushing the boundaries of what it means to live an active lifestyle in society today, Obermeyer is a brand whose goal is to leave people with a sense of security in the products they provide. Selling soft-shell jackets, sunglasses, safe styles for snow sports, etc Obermeyer has been making meaningful pieces for their audience since 1947. The company has become a household name in the eyes of companies like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, The Boston Globe, Oprah Magazine, and many more. Obermeyer still astounds audiences today with their amazing functional designs.



Till I Die Apparel: Centered around creative and charismatic ideas to fit the figure of fashionable/functioning athletic-wear. Till I Die has a meaningful motto stating “Retro look. Vintage feel. Die-hard attitude.” This clothing line creates a vintage vibe for customers to feel as if they’re wearing luxury items while leaving a mark wherever they go.

Till I Die Apparel


Fera: Female-founded and family-owned, Fera re-defines fashion culture like never before. Based in Los Angeles, Fera is for the female who loves fashion, fun, and being fabulous. This line of activewear is meant to support the shopper whose interests align with sports, style, and sophistication. Fera has been in the business since 1978 providing an effortless take on ski/resort styles.



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