For the sake of sparing you my long-winded drooling, I’ll say only this: so fresh, so clean.
And while I have generally been restricted in my life to sedans or SUVs, dictated simply by the myriad necessities of my day-to-day duties (Hi, can you imagine twenty garment bags stuffed into a backseat?), I’m inclined to say I’d give it all up if someone handed me a set of keys (which, with the prestige edition’s über smart keyless entry system, I’d hardly ever remove from my pocket…) to this little number.
I cannot presume to speak to those qualities which die-hard autophilics might find more enticing, but I know you, my faithful reader and card-holding member of the style set, need only the photograph to be convinced…
My birthday was only a week ago, so you still have time. I’ll take mine in (what else?) black on black, thanks.

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