“Thirsty Thursdays” is a long-standing tradition of trying to start the weekend one day early.  But I have an alternative that won’t leave you hurting come Friday morning.

This is where Jamaica Plain’s Ten Tables comes in, helping take the edge off your Mondays with an ingenious (and delicious) special they like to call BEERger.  For a mere fifteen bucks you get their Meyer beef burger, a side of their house made potato salad, and a pint of their signature beer, created by Berkshire Brewing Company. And it is one amazing burger.  

And the special is offered in the bar: no reservation necessary!  When I went this past Monday with a friend, we thought the signature beer, a porter, sounded good, but a little heavy to pair with a burger.  But our waitress, Jennifer, was exceedingly helpful and let us each choose another beer. My pick?  Pretty Things Jack D’Or, a hoppy Belgian that complemented the burger well.  And be sure to add the egg for an extra buck.

I have to say this was probably the best burger I’ve ever had in my life.  One perfect flavorful bite after another.  Pehaps a little indulgent for the diet, but it’s so easy on the wallet, and you can’t be everything to everyone, right?

 The perfect way to make that weekend last just a little longer. Catch me there every Monday night.

Mondays in the bar at Ten Tables Jamaica Plain
597 Centre St, Jamaica Plain 02130

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