It never fails.

The pattern is simple, if difficult to control: I walk into a store, any store,  and find myself immediately drawn to them. All other shoes around me fade away; my heart races. Love at first sight. Yes, I am talking about a pair of shoes.

In this instance, it’s a pair of the most insanely gorgeous, electric blue suede, peep-toe pumps. Even the height of the heel is perfection. The store? Barney’s, of course.

The Copley location’s shoe floor is both a source of delight and frustration for me: always some new love affair, and not being able to afford them all at once, I am always forced to leave a few aside. Heartbreaking but true.

Get them here:
Copley Place
100 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
P | (617) 385-3300

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