Those in the beauty industry (or those of you who, like me, have a near-fanatical interest in the subject), probably heard about the What Inspires You? Paul Mitchell Tour, which took place in Worcester just a few short weeks ago. Having both my aforementioned fanatacism and a serious need for some expert hair advice,  I went straight to the source for a chat with two key members of the Paul Mitchell team: Angus Mitchell, Co-Owner and Artistic Director of Education (not to mention Paul’s son), and Global Artistic Director, Robert Cromeans.

The full story (including some genius advice on combating Boston’s summer humidity) after the jump…

The tour is, in itself, an interesting and creative concept—a live show geared toward hair professionals to teach new trends and techniques, but in an entertaining, less-formulaic way. Think lighting concepts, bold music and, according to Cromeans, dancers. “No two shows are ever the same… the show has a consistent format but is unscripted so it’s tailored to the audience in each city,” Mitchell said. And the purpose? “Salon owners and stylists walk away with a better understanding of the salon industry, better technique, and insight into the upcoming hair trends.”

Considering the frenetic pace of the beauty industry, staying abreast of what is and is not current is no small feat. Mitchell, born into the dynasty, has the right idea: ““It is my responsibility to have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the street and in fashion before it becomes mainstream,” Mitchell said. And he continued, “This means any one thing does not limit me. It is my love and my passion to continually push and create to satisfy every individual and to stir and inspire the creative mind of the hairdresser.”

The tour itself is a long one, but Mitchell and Cromeans keep the energy moving from city to city with their unstudied chemistry. “It is such a fun show because we banter with each other on stage, feeding off each other and the audience’s energy,” Mitchell said. The two have worked together for 25 years and though they clearly have their own techniques and opinions (to illustrate the difference: when asked who their dream makeover client would be Mitchell answered Justin Bieber; Cromeans, Oprah) they clearly respect and are inspired by one another.

Of course I’d be remiss to leave two experts in the field without the scoop on what we Bostonians should do to cope with the humidity that’s right around the corner… Mitchell suggests you “Embrace what you have. Don’t fight your texture.” Both recommend Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger products “to enhance what you are working with,” Mitchell said.

Cromeans also had a few great ideas for styles that would complement the frizzball that will soon be my hair.  “A simple way to work against your natural texture: if you are busy working in an office, go to work with a simple braid on either side of the head and tie into a lose, low bun. Undo it at the end of the day when you leave work and your hair will be set in sexy waves.” GENIUS.

With the final wash-through of my Keratin treatment being imminent, you can bet I’ll be taking their advice.

Interested in seeing the show yourself? The tour continues to Florida and New Jersey…

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