Dear Alber Elbaz: you sometimes make me wish I were a woman. [No, folks, this does not happen as frequently as one might suspect of this fashion pundit/punching bag.]

I adore this particular iteration for many, many reasons, but chief among them: this shoe will still be incredibly cool in five years. Yes, you read that correctly, and I am willing to throw down money to back up my claim, mostly because little that manages to rise above the din of my ever-bombarded periphery tows the line between compelling and commercial as well as this pair here.

Note: the next thing I fall in love with probably involve feathers, some form of goat fur, leather straps, grommets, spikes, and I will insist on PVC, just to be safe. To fall in love with something so perfectly tame, though perfectly GOOD, inspires in me a minor identity crisis…


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