David Yurman is, generally, a bit conservative in his men’s collection for my taste. But when Paula Leed, one of the owners of Royal Jewelers in Andover, tells me in her ever-so-sweet way–read: she basically bosses me around–that there’s something I need to see, I listen.

And I DID love it. I’m sure you’re thinking: a dog tag, really? Yes, I know, the very phrase conjures nightmares of JGC gone Jersey Shore Guido (which, incidentally, WOULD be my summer look, were I not already more than three-quarters of the way to achieving Troll doll status thanks to a long-overdue, much, much, much-needed haircut…) but I kind of love this dog tag. Legit. Crocodile rendered in silver? LOVE.

The bonus? It has a certain weight to it so in the event I DO actually throw down (more bienvenido-a-Miami than Jersey Shore, in truth), I’ve another trick up my sleeve… or, rather, hanging over the spot where my chest hair would be were I real man.


available at
Royal Jewelers
58 Main Street
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 475-3330

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