Summer, always late to her own party… is a line I used in my most recent piece for Boston Magazine, which, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy, you ought to. Added to our Accessory Showcase, Marina Park Editorial, and the upcoming Men’s Editorial (airing this coming weekend), you’ll be well equipped to take full advantage of the wild S/S 11 sales happening across the web. The sale at net-a-porter alone devoured four hours of my time yesterday afternoon as I frantically sent e-mails to private clients: BUY THIS NOW or it WILL BE GONE. And, as of 6:30 this AM, a good deal of those incredible finds are, in fact, gone.

This week we’re mixing things up a bit: a few changes to the masthead, some subtle shifting of design elements to bring you better, brighter, sometimes bolder images, and a new content schedule which will begin next week.

Which brings me to my next point: of all that’s happening this week, I’m most excited about the addition of a regular feature I’ve dubbed the ‘Moodboard.’ In short, we on the SB team look at images all day long. Somehow, we manage to get paid for this (lord knows why), and we’d say chances are good you don’t spend hours upon hours trolling the latest editorials, fabric swatches, random photography collectives, design collectives (discovered one this morning but cannot give it away just yet!) because unlike us, you have an actual life. LUCKY FOR YOU WE DON’T, and we have decided to post, twice a day, compelling images we’ve discovered (or, more likely, stumbled upon) in our virtual travels. The entire team at The StyleBoston Blog is contributing to this feature, so it should present an interesting range of perspectives.

Knowing my propensity to blather on, and to bury the joke in the lead paragraph thereby totally defeating any inclination you would otherwise have to read on (hopefully you haven’t read this far…), I’ll stop my raving here.

Until next week,

Much love –



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