[© 2011 Tristan Govignon: painter, sculptor, photographer, interior designer. In short, a wildly-talented-fellow of whom I am unwaveringly jealous.]

It’s no secret that I have a creative crush on the charming Mr. Govignon, but what you may not know about our oft-featured photographer is that he is a superlative and widely-recognized fine artist. It is for that very reason that I was drawn to his photography in the first place:  its ephemeral light, the precision of his composition, the sheer stillness of his captures, like a sigh suspended in time…

And few images could more perfectly articulate the feeling of being trapped in an office (albeit one I love…) on an absurdly beautiful day. Oh, to be that hummingbird.

Feeling restless yourself? Spend some time on his respective sites:
Fine Art

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