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  1. Auntie Mame – 1958
    Rosalind Russell in everything from a bejeweled, skintight jumpsuit to a backless, Elsa Schiaparelli-esque black dress to a full on Indian sari. And all with different wigs to match.

  2. “Auntie Mame” was without a doubt the most stylish costuming that has ever been.

    Grace Kelly in High Society had some dresses that were pure works of art.

    But lets not forget what my pal Georgio Armani did for men and menswear in the eighties. After seeing Richard Gere in all those monocromatic, unconstructed suits, every man in America suddenly cared about clothes. (And he made Gere an overnight sensation solely because of his clothes!)

  3. The Great Gatsby (1974)

    This movie set my favorite book into a picture of the motion kind; thus inspiring me everyday to hold on the my inner east egg and dress the part of those before me…

    1. Was Nick Carraway as mad about madras as you are? Fabulous choice – not to mention Mia Farrow had a top-notch spot in the original collage but I had to swap her out for Marlene Dietrich – no hard feelings, yeah? xx

  4. The Thomas Crowne Affair (1999): Renee Russo’s wardrobe in the film was impeccable. I think it was all Celine. It helps that she has the most amazing body in the film, but the clothes were tailored to perfection and classic.

    Empire Records (1995): It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…I’m sorry, I love this film. It was a toss-up between this and Clueless. The patched jeans, the midriff bearing sweaters, the combat boots! These are the trends of my youth, man. It also helps that this has a kick-ass soundtrack. Gin Blossoms anyone?

    Cry-Baby (1990): I love me some Johnny Depp, but I love him a whole lot more dressed up like a greaser and crooning about being bad. Pompadours, pencil skirts, and leather jackets (oh my). Everyone wanted to be Allison, sure, because she got to make-out with Johnny. But I wanted to dress-up like Traci Lords who made bad look so good (so what if she’s a porn star). Oh, and don’t forget give a nod to both John Waters and Iggy Pop.

    The Edge of Love (2008): The movie was “eh.” But, I heart Keira (Knightley) and Sienna (Miller) both on screen and in real life for their style. The clothes made me want to frolic along English shore in my wellies with my wool skirts and brightly patterned jumpers. To me nothing is more quintessentially English than wearing wellies with everything…Hilary and Jackie (1998) had a bit of that style too.

    Dead Poet’s Society (1989) & Pretty In Pink (1986): For the Prep. I am a total Northeasterner (?) in the sense that I appreciate prep, when done right. None of this multi-layered, pre-ripped jean bullcrap! If your pants are torn it better be a pair of khakis that have been worn to pieces over the years. And boat shoes that have actually seen a deck of a boat, slightly bleached from the salt water. The only thing clean is the polo shirt, preferably thrown on with the hair left a little rumpled. And girls? Pearls or a real charm bracelet. Charms that are collected over time and actually mean something (screw you, Tiffany’s). For the fall, its all about the wool blazer with the collar popped up (only time allowed) and a peacoat. I sometimes secretly wish that I had been sent to prep-school with the uniforms…sigh.

    The Fifth Element (1997): Hands-down the best futuristic costuming. Jean-Paul Gaultier did all of it. Did you notice all those models as extras?? Not to mention that Chris Tucker in all those outfits was fantastic! It’s the type of future I’d like to visit.

    And last but not least…
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) & Charade (1963). Audrey’s coordinating hats and coats alone hold these films up in my mind. Not to mention the kitten heels, witty banter, and Cary Grant showering with his dress shirt and pants still on. So…so devilishly handsome.

    **I spent way too much time on this**

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  6. Austen Powers – Who better then Mike Myers to make the 60’s look cool again

    Anchorman – And who better to make the 70’s look cool then Will Ferrell

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