If this W article, penned by Christa D’Souza, is any indication, the so-called “no pooing” is gaining mainstream. No doubt practiced by that surly, smelly roommate of yours who was really into Ani Difranco (I can’t be the only one whose had one of these right?), “scrofulous college students” (D’Souza must have known that girl too), these guys, and other unseemly characters it’s easy to see how “no poo” would get pooh poohed by any lady who doesn’t fancy wearing dreads or living in a cave (metaphorically or literally). But as another alleged no poo-er has said, “The times they are a-changin,” and if it is true that industry pros like Guido Palau, the hair guru behind this stunning editorial, are advocating it, one might have to consider renegotiating her position.

Shall I confess to you now that I’ve been “no pooing” for six months (six weeks is nothing)? OH SNAP. It’s true.

Though a diehard product junkie, I’m also not one to turn my nose up at something that could add much needed life to my naturally curly locks, and simplify my daily beauty regimen (giving me more time for more fun parts… even if it might smell). Besides, I’ll try pretty much anything once. It’s worked out pretty well so far and no one’s complaining. (Editor’s note: I complain about it all the time, actually.)

So,what are your thoughts? Have you tried it? Do you agree with D’Souza when she says, “It’s not just that I missed the smell of shampoo; it’s that between the 200 daily strokes, the dousing in hot water, the vinegar rinses, the head massages, and so on, not washing proved to be more high maintenance than the alternative.”

Have I fallen victim to some crazy trend or was my old roommate really onto something?

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