A Summer Sale Preview for Fashionably Late at Liberty Hotel, hosted by Gilt City. Photography courtesy of Randy Gross

Gilt Groupe is clearly better aligned with the Gods than I, as the weather for which we’ve all been praying over the past week decided to finally make an appearance on the day their summer sale begins.

There’s little worse than staring down an incredible deal on summer pieces when all you want to do is watch a marathon of Jane Austen movies while wrapped in three comforters and eating cheesecake. Perhaps I’m only speaking for myself on that one. So it goes.

We’re told the sale includes Doucette Duval, Trovata, Current Elliot, Dolce Vita, Carolina Herrera, Matt Bernson, Calvin Klein, AG, Geren Ford, LAMB, Toy watches.

And it opens in just an hour, so SIGN ON.

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