Now that DecadesTwo.1 has launched – we get the best of the left coast! Vintage. (Which reminds me: how excited are you for Calico’s birthday party? I’ve never even been to New Bedford!) Anyway, I love consignment. There’s something totally rousing about a well-preserved handbag of days past. (Did I just tap into the psyche of cougar hunters? Are we having a breakthrough?)

Seriously. I want to sacrifice something to this leather bowling bag. Nothing big – and nothing alive, obviously (I’m hell-bent on converting the entire office to vegetarianism) – I’m talking about a different kind of sacrifice: the use of my legs for two days, eschewing Hendricks for well gin for a month…

A couple weeks ago at his memorial Anna Wintour figured him as “a complex and gifted young man.” “His was an 18-year career of harnessing his dreams and demons,” she added, “He showed us everything was possible; dreams could become reality. But he has left us with an even more exceptional legacy…”

Who wouldn’t want to touch a bit of that legacy? Feel me? Of course you do. $995 at DecadesTwo.1

xx heather

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