No, you aren’t witnessing the set-up for a lowbrow foam party.  These ingenious creations are quite the opposite. Designer Asif Khan has recently fashioned machines that use three very simple components – helium, soap, and water – to create floating cloud-like structures that can be caught with fine netting to form an ethereal overhead canopy.  In Khan’s eyes this cloud “experiment,” is an inquiry into the future of architecture, and it is clear this idea has boundless potential.

The canopy creates a visually entrancing diffusion of light that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for Avant-Garde design.  We’ve seen fashion that is flexible and dynamic, what happens when architecture takes this route?

As Khan says, “I believe that in the future architecture will be light, intelligent, and simple – like clouds.  The Cloud experiment is about beginning that process to discover the future of architecture.  Maybe we can carry a building in our pocket?”  I look forward to following this gifted young designer and discovering what’s next…

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