We Are Owls
is a recently launched line of scarves created by sisters Emily and Ling Chen, along with their childhood friend Connie Lui.  With day jobs that monopolized their lives, as day jobs always seem to do, the friends repeatedly found themselves gathering by night to discuss the launch of their new line.  Thus “We Are Owls” , a brand name that pays homage to their inadvertent muse – that gorgeous, globe-eyed predator of the night.

Each scarf is sketched out by Parsons-grad Ling, and printed on a luscious blend of silk and cashmere in Inner Mongolia.  Quality of materials aside, it’s the pure aesthetic indulgence that limns these scarves so unique.  Taking both cultural and naturalistic references, from Aztec and Incan motifs to digitally abstracted images of sea flora, the designs also feature colors currently blowing up on the runway. I guarantee they’ll look chic with those Miu Miu heels which, if you’re anything like me, you’re lusting after.

And come September, you can get your We Are Owls fix at the oh-so-chic Boston boutique dress.

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