Filipino born, Dutch raised, Laidback Luke is the king of hybrid house music, citing influences from Mozart to Snoop Dogg.  He first made a name for himself as a graffiti artist. Now he’s a world-known DJ and sought-after Producer whose collaborations include such notable names as  David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Lil’ Jon, and Robyn, among others. And then there are the countless compilations and the sold-out international shows.

For anyone looking to dance their ass off this coming hump day, get on down to Royale for a sexy and energetic set from one of the best DJs out there.  I recommend purchasing tickets ASAP because this show is hot and bound to sell out soon.  Still not sold?  Check out his Myspace (yes, I know) and I’ll just leave it with I told you so.


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