If you are the kind who loves that fabulous 60s look, but can’t quite bring yourself to sort through the moth ball scented racks of your local vintage store, this news will be music to your ears.  Janie Bryant, the Emmy Award-winning costume designer of “Mad Men,” and Banana Republic are teaming up to bring you a capsule collection inspired by the show’s distinctive style.  Available just in time for fall, the collection will be hitting Banana Republic stores in August, with a special presale on August 10th exclusively for Banana Republic’s Facebook fans.  It’s refreshing to finally see a capsule collection that also targets men (I know, it’s Mad Men inspired, but still), who are so often left out by these one-off collaborations.

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  1. Mad Men should be thankful it has the lead designer Janie Bryant to bring the authentic 1960’s fashion look.This season Mad Men will get lots of fans with this fashion line. Mad Men Thanks to Janie Bryant for an popular new design.

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