Directly following the post pride-weekend haze, Christopher Kane unveiled his Resort 2012 collection.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed someone inject fun into elegance this succinctly. These dresses shine, they glow, they radiate!  Inspired by prisms and color spectrums, just looking at the dresses makes me feel gay.  No really, I can’t stop smiling.  I’ve never seen a rainbow look this refined, and although the colors might not garner looks from the bros chilling on their fraternity’s terrace, they promise markedly more thrilling encounters.

The balance between blacks and colors, the use of shape both in the cut of the garment and the textile pattern – unimpeachably good.  Judicious use of lace and lame consummates the deal.  Pair anything in this collection with rainbow nails and never be depressed again.


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