[from left: AJ Williams, Party Planner Extraordinaire; Joseph Gordon Cleveland, resident prig; Alex Hall, cooler than me and you and you and me. All dolled up for the MFA’s recent Summer Party.]

It was a long weekend, from which I am admittedly still recovering, so in the spirit of recreational holidays I’ll spare you my long-winded, hyperpretentious blathering, and get right to the point. ALEX HALL IS JOINING THE SB BLOG AS OUR FOOD WRITER. [And yes, for you nitwits who would inquire, I was screaming that last bit which, incidentally, shows both my commitment to my craft (HELLO ENTHUSIASM) and my stupidity, as I now have a migraine. ]

If you don’t know who Alex Hall is, I’d like to introduce you to this amazing 20th-century invention called GOOGLE. In lieu of trolling her CV: she went to Le Cordon Bleu, and she’s been published in more publications than my drunken noggin can recall. Oh yeah, and there’s that whole Executive Editor thing. She’s done that a few times, too.

In short, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY SHE WANTS TO WRITE WITH ME. (Again, with the screaming). But I’m happy she’ll be contributing. Happier than I will (sappily) admit.

Keep an eye out for her first post.  I can guarantee her column will bring the lolz.

Until next week –

Much love,


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