My birthday has come and gone, sans fanfare, but many of you neglected to get me a present. And by many of you I mean, of course, each and every one of you. I am tremendously, tremendously disappointed but in my effort to embrace forgiveness in 2011, I offer you an opportunity to redeem yourselves: BUY ME THIS.

I could pretend to speak to all of the car-like-things that make this extremely rare, celebrity-status convertible so damn cool, but mostly I like that it’s extraordinarily sleek and can go supahhhh fast.  All the rest is lost on me but if you’re curious, you can read about this beauty here.

As you can probably imagine, I’d like mine in BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK.

And I’ll need that humble Miami abode as well, which is NOT, regrettably, included with purchase (I asked).

Thanks much.


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