Good, the Charles Street cabinet of curiosities, has a collection of mounted butterflies and insects that is downright spellbinding. Having recently acquired a Rhinoceros Beetle for a client–a conversation piece, indeed–I’ve now set my sights on my own mounted beauty and, lest I leave you in the lurch, can proudly announce IT WILL BE THIS ONE.

This wildly iridescent wonder will add a certain interest to nearly any space. Floating between two panes of glass in a matte ebony-stained 7″x6″ frame, it’s a unique objet d’art that won’t creep me the hell out when I wake up in the morning but is also interesting enough to garner attention, despite its relatively small size. In my cacophonous, if curated, installations, an accessory must hold its own or it isn’t worth having. BUT THIS. OH, and HOW.

How perfectly absurd (and perfectly Good) would it be to install a miniature blacklight above this piece? Don’t worry, pictures forthcoming.


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