I DON’T EVEN KNOW where to begin with this one. I first discovered artisan Italian label Giacomorelli while trolling Facebook and steadfastly avoiding legitimate work, which, as some of you know, is very much the story of my life. I was downright drooling at the entire catalogue. LEGIT: there was drool on my desk. Certainly not my proudest moment, but I’ve committed more embarrassing acts in the name of love.

Back to the actual shoe: the texture play, the FUCHSIA ponyhair, the piping, the perfectly perforated wingtip. This is a classic shoe for the fashion-folk gent– the man desirous of everything but whose sartorial choices are cautiously curated. Chances are good I won’t catch another cat strolling the street in this shoe.  If I did, I’d marry such a man on the spot. NO PRENUP NECESSARY.

The mens collection may be a bit bold for the Post Office Square crowd, but I am willing to wager a few of my ladies could get down with the womens collection. The same fuchsia ponyhair in a ballet flat? Yes, please.


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