I’d like to think I’m not alone in my growing annoyance over the ceaseless hay-day the American press is having over Kate Middleton. To quote one of my all-time favorite movies, Mean Girls, “She doesn’t even go here.”

The incredibly shrinking Duchess of Cambridge has continued to make headlines this week due to her recent weight loss. Is it any real shock that with paparazzi documenting her every move she is going to lay off the cookies? That said, I’d like to divert your attention to another Middletongate story that was vastly overshadowed by the news surrounding her North American tour. Much as I’d love to hate her for a, her skinniness, and b, for ruining my chances of an happily ever after with Prince William, I have to come to her defense on this one…

While in Canada, the future Queen of England was photographed sporting an Amanda Wakely suit, the same navy suit she wore on April 11th. (Insert gasp here). Oh, the fashion horror! And as the press is keen to point out, this isn’t even Kate’s first fashion offense! She has repeated ensembles on several occasions, including a black-and-white print satin dress and a periwinkle Jane Troughton brocade jacket! For shame!

Sure, she is newly crowned royalty. And sure, with millionaire parents she really isn’t a commoner (contrary to what the British tabloids insist) and could afford to wear even the priciest prêt-à-porter each and every day of the week. But is she not supposed to be of the people, for the people, and by the people? Or, perhaps I am getting my countries confused. Either way, given the dismal state of the global economy, it’s safe to assume the vast majority of her subjects don’t have the disposable income to buy garments that they’d wear only once and then promptly discard. So why is the press having such a field day with this?

In my closet hangs my favorite cocktail dress, a metallic black Betsey Johnson creation with tulle overlay and a pink satin ribbon adorned at the waist. Yes, it flatters my figure perfectly, but more than that, just wearing it makes me feel incredible in a way I thought only vodka-tonics could. But due to some unwritten-but-ubiquitous fashion rule that deems wearing the same outfit twice a violation more horrible than mixing stripes with plaid, I have only worn it once, to my twenty-first birthday party. Each time I open my closet and see that dress I am reminded of how fabulous I once looked and felt in it. But that was years ago.

In retaliation to the hoopla surrounding Kate’s most recent wardrobe repetition, I have made a resolution. This weekend I am going to go into my closet, take my favorite dress off its hanger, and wear it out once more. Should any pictures surface of me wearing this dress for the second time, I will not detag myself. Let them judge, should photo number two and number 233 of my tagged photos show me repeating a dress. Let one of my 483 Facebook friends call me out on it; I simply couldn’t care less.

Come Friday, I am going to look fabulous.

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