My hunt for a fluorescent yellow bag was stunted this summer when I realized that the fabulous chartreuse I so craved seemed available only from the likes of Céline, Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler. Yes, season after season, these houses deliver fabulous handbags (and I may or may not own a PS1 or two…), but a designer bag just wasn’t in the summer budget, what with all the traveling and, let’s be honest here, booze.

You can imagine then my excitement to discover the Cambridge Satchel Company, with its array of fluorescents. A classic ode to British school satchels, the bag reads as a streamlined hybrid of Céline’s Box Bag and Proenza’s PS1. It has that understated professional look of the latter, but with the structure and shape of the former. And with endless options of sizes and colors, this bag can range from day to evening, Summer to Winter, woman to man (actually, I love this look for a men’s work bag). And while the sizes and colors range in price, most are priced at less than $150, none going above $200.

Fluorescent yellow, you will be mine!


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