By now, we all know about the Lady in Red. She’s been around for decades and though her appeal has never waned, frankly, she’s a bit tired. Even her patron saint, Mr. Garavani, has retired. Perhaps it’s time for her to take the hint?

Or, better still, go with a more subtle approach, via this delicious dress from Newport-based demicouture label Isoude. The cut is impeccable: understated, sexy, with touches of contrast in all the right places.  If a little mystery is the mother of intrigue, this piece shows just enough skin for a Victorian scandal. The thrill.

A little advice: spritz on your favorite perfume, but leave the handbag at home. Sewn at the hips are two playful pockets just large enough to hold a tube of matching rouge lipstick and the small stack of calling cards you’ll be handing out all night to your coterie of new dance partners. Don’t worry when you run out — they’ll never forget the way you looked that night.

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