Images via Raphael Young

There is something for everyone in footwear prodigy Raphael Young’s fall collection. Or, at least, something for everyone who knows how to S-T-R-U-T. Tricky motocross-inspired boots and pointy pin-heeled stilettos are there for the taking, each style complete with Young’s signature geometry play.

And while fashion’s past two seasons have been rife with nineties references, I must applaud Young for taking the road less traveled: this collection isn’t so much Nirvana as it is Kelly Bundy. There’s a humor to the collection that is both welcomed and à propos.

And though I don’t expect EVERYONE to want to wear these with high-waisted acid wash Versace jeans and Benetton crop tops (as I do, obviously), I request that those still sadly hanging on to long-gone eighties references move, quickly, in this direction.

Better start running in those heels if you want to catch up!

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