What could be any hotter than Karl Lagerfeld-Macy’s collab? Hands down, I say, the inimitable Mr. David Beckham and his ensuing underwear collaboration with H&M!

Sure, H&M, as the world’s number two clothing retailer giant, has the bargaining power to take on pretty much any talent (or glitzy celeb) it wishes to court, its long list of roster including none other than the mighty Lagerfeld himself, to Madonna and Stella McCartney, to launch these ever-covetable limited editions, enticing us to be lured into opening what thin wallets we have. But what’s even sexier (and even more strategic!), is that the first string of Beckham’s collection will be targeted to launch in time for Valentine’s Day 2012. Is it ever too early to start sharpie-marking our calendars with little red hearts just yet? I’m already at the edge of my seat, ready to ogle away the much-anticipated David Beckham in the H&M-branded loincloth, as much as I would shamelessly admit to. Aren’t you?

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