I am your proverbial health buff… yes, the yoga-practicing, Kombucha-drinking, tincture-dropping,
tofu-munching kind. It’s annoying at best, especially since one can so easily stay svelte on a regimen of
espresso and nicotine. But then I just look at a picture of than Janice Dickinson and I’m right back to OM-ing.

Truth is, the only qualm I have about the natural lifestyle (aside from the Birkenstocks) is the damper it puts on my nightlife. Every time I approach a bar, it’s like an epic battle between my inner-health-buff and my inner-working-professional-who-just-wants-a-stiff-drink. The healthy Me is all, “Liver damage, enamel corrosion, hypertension, excessive sugar, empty calories …” and there’s my other side who can’t say anything because she’s drooling over the thought of a pomegranate mojito.

And thus, my greatest challenge has been to establish some semblance of accord between that which is good for my health and that which is good for my sanity. So imagine my thrill when the alcohol industry began to see a lucrative target market in granola-crunchers like myself. The bait: an innovative line of vitamin- and nutrient-infused liquors. Nutritious alcohol? The Holy Grail of health-conscious boozers! (Cue: angelic choir.)

Among the most compelling options, is Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka, certified by the USDA and distilled in the heartland of Idaho. It goes through a rigorous filtration process to remove impurities, resulting in a smooth taste without common additives like citric acid or glycerides. If you prefer a more flavorful spirit, you can opt for Fragoli Strawberry Liqueur, chockful of hand-picked antioxidant-rich strawberries. Stir in some of the Colorado-born iX Mixer for an extra splash of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to combat dehydration and preclude that impending hangover.

Be wary of a concoction of a particular kind called Devotion, the industry’s first 80 proof triple-distilled protein-infused vodka.

Whenever you throw protein into something, you run the risk of intersecting the muscle-head demographic. This was my skepticism with Devotion… until they picked up the Jersey Shore’s Situation as their spokesman. Needless to say, skip this packy purchase.

If you want to stick to the typical bar lineup, opt for red wine with its heart-healthy polyphenols; or whiskey, which incidentally has the same antioxidant content as your daily dose of Vitamin C and contains the same cancer-fighting ellagic acid that you’ll find in fruit.

With these innovative options, I am no longer between on-the-rocks and a hard place when it comes to my recreational sipping. I’ll drink to that, hold the guilt.

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