Brooke Kanani is a New-England-based jewelry designer whose work is an artful study in tension: raw, natural elements set against refined, Old World handiwork. The results are, for lack of a better word, thrilling. Organic motifs rendered in a spirit of modernity.

Hardly surprising considering Kanani apprenticed for four years with a Polish master. Her pieces are one of a kind, and made entirely by hand in her studio.

This sterling silver necklace, in particular, has become my raison d’être. The talon-like pieces, the organic, withered elements, the horseshoe-crab toggle? Brilliant, in a word. Perfect with a plain t-shirt, of course, but even better as a complement to an insanely-low cut tuxedo jacket à la Tom Ford’s recent return to womenswear. Or, for the menfolk, over a stiffly-starched, leather-collared dress shirt.

C’est parfait, non?

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