An excerpt from Mozart’s Fantasie in d minor, K. 397.

Exciting news this week: Brigid Nastasia joins the team here at the StyleBoston Blog as our Editor-at-Large. This means, roughly translated, she’ll be our correspondent from the ubercool side of the fence, and will write about nearly whatever she likes. Lord knows there’s no telling her what to do. I’ve tried [par exemple, visit my July 18th Letter from the Editor].

And, frankly, it’s a damn busy week we have ahead of us. Tomorrow Nastasia and I will be tooling around town pilfering the best of the Boston buy for the September fashion feature for the Improper Bostonian. Tuesday night I will rejoin a close friend for what will undoubtedly end up being several rounds of drinks, and the Improper’s Boston’s Best. Then, bright and early (the crack of dawn, one could say) on Wednesday, I’ll be on set for the aforementioned feature, working alongside an all-star team to bring a little love to Fashion’s favorite season, Fall. The details of the rest of my week are no-less malfunction inducing for my Blackberry calendar but most are certainly less interesting so for once I shall spare you. Just this once (and it’s mostly of my laziness, really, but you surmised as much, I am sure).

Come Thursday night, however, I hope to see each and every one of you at the StyleBoston Viewing Party at Vince. in Copley Place. Details to follow shortly.

Cutting it short, for once…

Until next week –

Much love,

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