If you were at Fashionably Late’s EPIC return (don’t call it a comeback) a few weeks ago then you, too, are still reeling over Elie Tahari’s Fall collection. CONTRA’s styling was divine and I just had to take a closer look-I’m positively itching for Fall. “My inspiration was a woman traveling the world in style,” Elie Tahari said, “like Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express.” I’m loving the draping – and Fall’s ubiquitous camel, here, actually resembles a modern incarnation of the Shanghai Lily’s accoutrements. WIN.

From the source: “Business-class customers will be drawn to the black wool military coat, the high-waisted trousers, and an elegant pantsuit with a belted safari jacket. For days off, Tahari turned out a few fur jackets (a trend we’ve been seeing throughout the week), silk peg-leg pants, and chunky cardigans.” Race you to Copley? xo heather

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