It’s nearly Fall. Our ephemeral Boston summer has made her appearance and, as with any lady of a certain refinement, made her exit. An intrigue, merely. Nothing more. Strike all that. Perhaps I’m jumping the proverbial gun, altogether. But in fashion, the business I’m in by some stroke of serendipity, summer has left. Whether the weather should concede is another subject entirely.

The coming weeks bring with them a new season, both for fashion and for StyleBoston. Come next Wednesday, we’ll be shooting our major Fall Fashion feature segment, taking a somewhat left-of-center approach. But right as our first segment of the new season airs (September 10th! Mark your calendars!), I will be in NYC, attending the S/S 2012 shows.

This is the nature of the beast. The inexhaustible machine which begets a particular, fashioncentric variety of A.D.D. I cannot articulate it sufficiently to those who do not work in the industry. I won’t bore you by trying. Consider it my good deed of the year.

To that end, please accept my apologies if my characteristically-long-winded Letters are… well, succinct.  We’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled world of wordy horrors in no time. Because you were so worried, right? Yeah, right.

Much love,


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