NON-BREAKING NEWS FLASH: Lady Gaga makes innumerable fashionistas across the globe drool excessively and unabashedly at the sight of her most recent video.  Most titillating?  The dance scene in the barn, where everyone is wearing designer Zana Bayne’s handcrafted leather harnesses – these are fucking fierce!  Plus, Zana Bayne is only 22 years old, making it quite impressive that she outfitted a whole crew of dancers for Gaga’s latest vid.

Another highlight: Blue blush!  Rocking an aberrant blush color has always been a hobby of mine, but blue?!  The look of death has never been more vibrant. Love the pale, pale skin accented by flashing cerulean cheeks.

That being said, I’m not a fan of the music.  In fact, I had to mute it halfway through.  I’m undecided as to how to classify it… Pop with an electro-country twang?  Operatic backwoods disco-pop? Whatever it is, I’ll pass and sync mine up to something a little less…histrionic.

Check out the official video HERE.

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