One of my favorite things to do is drive around in my car between the hours of  noon and 1pm, and listen to “Back in the Day Buffet” on Jammin 94.5. On most days this is possible, as I’m usually be-boppin to client meetings or some other design-related fiasco, excursion, or spree. What I find myself doing is extrapolating any number of hip-hop song phrases and thinking to myself “How the hell can I turn that into a blog post for Style Boston?”  Cuz there’s nothing better than attributing Old School Hip Hop songs to any random facet of your life.

For example:

Something for the Travel Blog: Left Your Wallet In El Segundo? 5 Ways To Spend The Heck Out Of Your Paycheck, West Coast Style.

Something for the Dating Blog:  You Can Go With THIS……Or You Can Go With THAT: When To Be A Baller, And When To Be, Well, A LOSER.

For the Interior Design Blog: You Down With O.P.P? Opportunistic Paint Palettes That Will Get ……You …….Noticed.

So imagine my Deee-Lite when I walked into the Dessin  Fournir / Martin Group showroom at the Boston Design Center this week and cast my eyes upon the recently installed, custom painted, wallcover by artistic duo Kelly Porter & Bridgett Cochran, aka Porter Teleo.

Note: If the style looks vaguely familiar to you it’s because our beloved Executive Editor, JGC, posted on his “Hearting of Kelly Wearstler” on June 27.  (Alas, Porter Teleo paper graces the foyer walls of Ms. Wearstler’s manse. Not to mention that these gals have been around for a few years, been written about in numerous blogs, magazines, etc. etc., and are ever present in the homes of Cool Folks across America.)

All of sudden I was all…”California, knows how to party…California knows how to party…” in my head. (Insert wrist gesture and gangsta frowny face here) Oh yes indeed, it’s fun time, fun time.  Now, despite the fact that these lovelies are actually based in Kansas City, MO of all places, that song came to me because most cool things begin on the West Coast.

Why am I getting to this now? It’s because Boston has FINALLY gotten its ‘you know what’ together to rep such crazy cool-ness. I even heard a rumor from the showroom rep that their wallpapers have only been used by……….hold on a moment because I need to locate my inhaler…………….ONE OTHER DESIGNER ON THE ENTIRE EAST COAST. I nearly fainted from embarrassment.  Are you kidding me??? Someone please debunk that myth.  Because if it IS true, then I’m going to be the second Designer to use it.

Might I bring up that horrific list Boston just made it’s way to the top of? Here’s the dealio: word up to all you Bostonians,  get cooler, fast, and look these chicks up. Let’s show these fools how we do things on the East Side. Cuz you and I know it’s the best side……..

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