If the Boston Design Community can be proud of one single accomplishment, it is the ingenious talents and multiple successes of  Interior Designer Frank Roop.

This Thursday evening, Neiman Marcus is hosting the launch party celebration of Mr. Roop’s book,  The New Bespoke.   Not only is it an absolute honor to be invited to an event supporting such an amazing Designer, it also happens to be Fashion’s Night Out. What better way to spend a Thursday evening? I can think of no other!

Before I had the pleasure of running into Frank one evening outside his brownstone (and I literally ran into him), I have admired his unique, custom designed spaces from the get go. Originally hailing from California (see my previous post about where coolness hails……) and settling in Boston, Mr Roop has epitomized what high-end design can and should be.

An excerpt from the book’s Summary:

The New Bespoke is a compelling first monograph on the work of internationally recognized and published interior designer Frank Roop. A mastermind of original color palettes, Roop leaves his signature couture touch on each and every space that he creates. To create truly inspired spaces, the ingredients that go into his projects are unique: almost all of the furniture and furnishings he uses in his interiors are either vintage finds or custom made pieces of his own design. Roop began his design firm after a career in specialty menswear, where he acquired the principles of design that gave him a special and unexpected basis for formulating and conceptualizing his interior design schemes. For Roop, a room is not just a space to be inhabited: it is a garment to be worn, and an impeccably tailored garment at that.

I will also mention that Frank has paired up with photographer Eric Roth, a talent (and total ham) behind the camera, to create stunningly beautiful images showcasing the many spaces Frank has created over the years. Eric and I have worked on various photo shoots together and his eye for composition is second to none. What I love most about his Eric’s photographs is that he treats each space like a romantic still life. Each image  not only portrays the designer’s talents, but draws a secondary, yet equally important appreciation for the image itself.

Yes, I ‘heart” both Frank and Eric.

Here’s to you Frank Roop, for providing the world with uncompromisingly sophisticated spaces, and for an unwavering dedication to what truly good design is all about.

Looking forward to my signed copy of The New Bespoke. Hope to see you all on Thursday!

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