It isn’t Armani.  Nor is it Thom Browne.  Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s notion of the Dymaxion sleep schedule, designer Forrest Jessee recently designed the Dymaxion sleep suit – a full body suit (or cocoon, if you will) that is created from a web-like pleated structure of specially formulated foam called EVA foam.  The three-dimensional pleat is laser-cut from a single piece of material, creating a tactile and strong form.  The design of the cut fabric makes it easy to wrap around and form to the body of the user, adapting to whatever position they are snoozing in.

Because it was created with the Dymaxion sleep cycle in mind, the suit is built to be portable and easy to put on and take off, so that the user can take a nap in almost any situation.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Dymaxion sleep cycle was created by Buckminster Fuller, and is a method of sleeping that consists of four 30-minute naps spaced evenly throughout a 24-hour day.  This sleep suit can help facilitate the process, making it super simple to pass out at a desk, on the stairs, or in the break room at work.

Furthermore, this thing is aesthetically quite incredible.  It is intimidating enough to keep the weirdoes away in the park, and the laser-cut foam design allows you to breathe with ease no matter what strange location you deem appropriate for your forty winks. The goal of the object is to explore and query our understanding of personal space in relation to the surrounding environment.  I think it definitely succeeds. Plus it makes for some damn good conversation once you wake up.

A little about the designer – Forrest Jessee has a masters in Architecture from Columbia University and holds a first professional degree (RIBA 1) from the Architectural Association in London.  He was also recently named by Surface magazine as one of America’s most promising graduates.  Check out his website and his other (equally as interesting) projects HERE.

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