The skies are darkening and the sharpened, menacing shapes of this necklace are luring depressive dressing habits back out from my inner psyche.

Bevel jewelry takes inspiration from the mytho-historical narratives of the ancient Guatemalan document Popul Vuh.  That means there is a silly yet still entertaining little backstory behind every piece, this particular one involving a sacrificed head hanging from a tree that spit onto the hand of Xquic, a daughter of a lord, impregnating her with the Hero Twins.  Talk about one fanciful Immaculate Conception.  The “thistles” on the necklace are representative of the 7 heads that were hanging on this tree during the time Xquic visited the tree.   Kind of a darling story that balances creepiness with heroicism.  Perfect fodder for daydreams and nightsweats.


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