On November 1st, as part of the DANCE/DRAW exhibition at the ICA in Boston, Paul Chan and William Forsythe will be speaking in conversation with ICA Chief Curator Helen Molesworth.  The talk will explore the junction of performance and art, focusing on 21st century artists that have branched out from their specific medium.  The DANCE/DRAW show, which opened October 7th, is an interesting mélange of works in and of itself.  Here Molesworth is attempting to examine how the body leaves traces after movement, exploring performance, performance art, and more traditional physical arts, and how the interplay between these different dimensions of art has formed something a little more complex when one compares the corporeal verses the ethereal.

William Forsythe is a brilliant contemporary choreographer and dancer, known for being one of the first to re-envision classical ballet choreography, deconstructing said choreography’s structures and forms in extremely groundbreaking ways.  He is also acutely engaged in other forms of art-making, particular performance and multimedia work.

Paul Chan is a contemporary art genius out of New York, and truly embraces the contemporary interdisciplinarity of art-making, working primarily in multimedia but never limiting himself to one medium.  His work has been in many exhibitions worldwide, including solo exhibitions at the Serpentine Gallery in London and the New Museum in New York.  He is represented by Greene Neftali gallery in Manhattan.

Find out more about the talk and exhibition at the ICA’s website.

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