Exquisite. They’re almost too precious for the street. I want to wrap them up and push them around in a pram, watch them sleep and smile knowingly when people peek in and say, “Oh! How lovely these two are!” Yeah, it’s serious. Iris Heel, I la-la-love you.

“The heel made its debut during Ms. van Herpen’s A/W 2010 catwalk show during London Fashion Week. The collaboration came about when United Nude’s Creative Director Rem D. Koolhaus met Iris and offered to make heels for her. Iris is made out of Italian Kidskin Leather and is completely handmade with gold detailing in the front and back of the heel. Only 168 pairs in black and 72 pairs in ivory will be available at select retailers and United Nude stores in Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai and Vienna for $1,295 USD(1,000 Euro).” xo heather


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